Creat the “Handi” Ledgend


In 2006, the subsidiary of China Handi Group – Hainan Handi Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd.(HDS)registered and established in Yangpu Economic and Development Zone, Hainan Province. In 2009, finished the construction and started to operate the specialty oil project which has a capacity of 300,000 mt annually. This projects uses the advanced high pressure hydrogenation technology, and HDS established its own R&D center, and developed several patented technology and new products, which include HYDROPURE refine technology.
Handi’s HYDROPURE refine technology can remove the unstable, unsatisfied, low antioxidant and other hazardous substances from the base oil, to produce impurity-free, clean, colourless and tasteless HYDROPURE base oil. Because of the advanced product quality, and the stable property, Handi become to be the long term partner of BP, Shell, FUCHS, Total, Sinopec, PetroChina, ShellTongyi, Mitsubishi and other well-known brands.
Base on its high qualified HYDROPURE refine technology, and the cooperation with top additive companies around the world (Oronite, Infineum, Lubrizol, Afton) , in 2015, Handi Lubricant Technology (China) Co., Ltd and Handi Lubricant Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd. registered and established in Beijing and Taicang, and released the high-end lubricant brand – Handi Lubricant.
Base oil makes up 90% of the performance of lubricant. Base on Handi advanced HYDROPURE base oil, Handi Lubricant released high-end vehicle lubricant, engineering machinery lubricant, and industrial lubricant, to provide professional, efficient oil and fluids service and solution to the customers.
To reach stronger upstream, more stable downstream, and more technological production chain, Handi Sunshine high-end base oil project in under construction. Handi Lubricant 500,000 mt/year high-end finished lubricant production center and R&D center in also under preparation and construction in Jiangsu Province. Worldwide, China Handi Group is planning a bigger merger and unite in lubricant market.
Handi people is aiming to create a high-end lubricant production chain and world well-known lubricant brand. The legend has just started…… 

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