HD Hold Office Building Construction Commencement Ceremony

In this pleasant season of autumn with brisk air and sweet blossom, Hainan Handi Petrochemical Co., Ltd held a grand commencement ceremony of office building construction in the morning of 15th, October. Mr. Cao Tong, General Manager of the company attended to ceremony and made an important speech. Around 100 people including Vice General Managers Mr. Hou Lishan, Mr. Hu Fangling, Mr. Zhu Haiyi and other members of Phase III project, Mr. Su Chunhu, Project Manager of China Construction Installation Engineering Co., Ltd, Mr. Lai Jun'an, Vice General Manager of CCIE , Mr. Tai Hongjie, Project Director of Beijing Huaxia Supervision Co., Ltd also participated in the commencement ceremony to witness this uplifting instant.

(Commencement Ceremony: Mr. Cao makes an important speech)
“The project of HD is one of 10 key investment construction projects in Hainan Province. It is also the symbol of HD Group to build high-end liquid lubrication material industry. The starting of office building construction indicates that HD project has entered into material construction stage, said Mr. Cao in the ceremony. He requested that project team of HD should assistant the construction units actively with a high sense of duty and responsibility and have control on every key link to deliver a high quality model project. Mr. Cao expressed thanks to project management team of HD and cooperating units for their joint efforts.
With announcement of “start" by Mr. Cao, gun salutes and applauses burst out and all excavators started out simultaneously. Everybody was overwhelmed by excitement and joy.
Group Photo in Commencement Ceremony
The office building of HD is located in the eastern part of Boyang Road, Yangpu Economic and Development Zone, Hainan Province, which will become the new landmark building in the chemical industrial park in the future. The new office building is a 42-meter high 10-floor building of 13600 squad meters with offices, conference rooms and exhibition hall which can contain 330 people. The building will be ready for use at the end of 2017.
 It is reported that HDS is the earliest petrochemical enterprise established in Yangpu Economic and Development Zone, Hainan Province. It was registed in April, 2006. Handi Petrochemical Co., Ltd was established on 7th, June, 2013. HDS has developed into the largest private enterprise of specialty oils production inland.
The new office building will significantly improve staff work environment, and provide better conditions for business negotiation. The building will enhance HD image in the Hainan market and is an important step in HD leap-forward development. It will provide a new strategic platform for HD group to grow into a high-end liquid lubrication material enterprise inland.
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