Chinese Brands Day Promotes National Famous Brand

Brand is the reflection of comprehensive strength of a country, as well as the soul of an enterprise. In order to further promote the popularity and influence of self-owned brands, the State Council of PRC approved the set 10th of May of each year as Chinese Brands Day, starting from 2017. Chinese Brands Day has epoch-making meaning to China’s self-owned brands, which will push forward the transition from Made in China to Innovated in China.

As one of the top 100 private petrochemical enterprises in China, Handi Sunshine under HANDI Group grew by more than 10% every year since its establishment. After ten year’s development, HDS has become the largest Chinese supplier of specialty oil which solely produces base oils. Products line of HDS include Gr II and Gr III general base oils, industrial grade white oils, etc. It is the predominant player in East China, Northeast China and South China specialty oil market.

HANDI Group has a strategic layout covering the full industry chain. Its subsidiary HDS has developed into the largest domestic private enterprise in special oil industry. HDS Base Oils is widely recognized in market as a leading brand. Leveraging the cooperation with top additives companies like Chevron, Infineum, Lubrizol and Afton, Handi Lubricant also marched into high-tier lubricant market. Benefited from upstream resources, after one year development, Handi Lubricant has developed more than 125 distributors and more than 2000 end-users across China and become the market leader.

In 2017, HANDI Group will continue its strategy of full industry chain development based on fine management and innovation to create an international competitive company and build HANDI into international famous brand.



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