A group headed by Mr. Fu Ge, the member of Work committee and sectary of disciplinary committee visited and gave instructions to HDS

A group headed by Mr. Fu Ge, the member of Work committee and sectary of disciplinary committee, with Mr. Cheng Tao, the director of Economic and Development Administration visited and gave instructions to HDS on 16th, May.  


Accompanied by Mr.Cao Tong, the general manager of HDS, the group visited production base 、 product exhibition hall and other places successively. They had deep communication on state of operation、scale of production  of HDS and circumstance of the project of  1.5 million MT/y specialty oil and 0.15 million MT/y pharmaceutical and food grade white oil.


Mr Fu Ge,the sectary of discipline work committee gave a good appraisal on scale of production、current operating state and development prospect of HDS. He expressed that extending the industry chain of HDS will be main point of development for petrochemical industry in Yangpu.


Mr. Cao showed thanks to management committee for their approval. He expressed that HDS will increase pace of development constantly, to strive for greater quantum jump 、push the development of industry of fine chemicals chain in Yangpu to assist Yangpu to be forged as the global largest specialty oil production basement. 

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