HD Group held HSE job meeting to strengthen supervisory duty

The job meeting of HSE department of HD group was held on 25th,May.Mr.Wu Hanling, the chairman of HD Group hosted the meeting and made an important speech. The whole staffs from HSE department of HDS and HDP which are 100% controlled by HD group attended to the meeting.


The security and environmental protection is the most important thing, HSE department should perform responsibility conscientiously, and make great efforts to various work of security and environment protection base on the fact. On the issues of hot and rainy summer and current busy situation of the third phase project, the chairman request HSE to enhance safety awareness、strengthen  patrol management to guarantee the process units of I、II phase can be operated normally to lay a solid basement for III phase project construction.HSE should do a good job of training and improve safety management level. Each staff should participate in the each detail and flows of production and operation to enhance authority of department and increase speaking right to bring forward an opinion on decision-making of important event.

Regard to safety problem, HSE should strictly act in accordance with the rules and regulations, develop perfect punishment measures, don’t play favouritism and commit irregularities and don’t misuse of authority. HSE should play leading role during the communication with all levels cooperative partners of company and think ahead and make plan for possible problem to further promote more extensive business cooperation and communication.

After reporting, the chairman proposed his expecting. He hoped that HSE department could centre on strategic development target of Handi Group and work out the overall plan about safety management for future.HSE should firmly carry out the scientific management, flexibility using power of department to achieve supervise and make sure proper reward and punishment .

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