Material & Equipment Department Holds Internal Workshop on Honest, Clean and High Quality Supply

In order to optimize management and improve skills of staff, Material & Equipment Department held internal workshop in the afternoon of 25 May, 2017. The meeting was chaired by Deputy General Manager and participated by all staff of M&E.

Mr. Hu emphasized the importance of strict management of supply system, reviewed the past work and shared work plan of M&E.

Mr. Hu said, “Honest and Clean is the red line that no one is allowed to touch. HDS is zero tolerant to any kind of corruption. M&E is a high risk department and everyone should keep in mind of that. Morality first, self-discipline, confidentiality, be a friendly partner but sticking to principle, and professionalism are the five rules for all M&E staff in the daily work. M&E commit to unit together to support company development.”

In the end, Mr. Hu thanked all M&E staff for their hard work and asked them to continue to deliver better performance in the future. He particularly mentioned that result-oriented management would be applied in M&E to improve efficiency and professionalism. He was confident that M&E would be the NO. 1 team and talent pipeline for the company.

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