HDS implements employment with certificates and carries out standardized operation

To carry out the implementation further “the law on the safety in production of People’s Republic of China”, “Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance”, and “Special Personnel Safety Technical Training Assessment Management Regulations” and other relevant regulations.HDS strictly adhere to the requirements of special personnel must be specialized trained, and employees can  be at his position unless they are with certificates .HDS organized operators from Production Technology Department to  take part in certificate of hydrogenation process operation training test on 8th,May.2017.

The test includes theoretical study and practical operation two parts, which requires each candidate not only comprehensively master the knowledge of hydrogen process theoretical study, but also can operate expertly in DCS operation, DCS emergence operation, fire extinguisher operation 、site process operation and other practical operation items. The candidate can obtain the certificate of hydrogenation process operation unless their performance of theoretical study and practical operation can reach 80 points or over.


32 operators passed the test with good performance, and finally gained the certificate of hydrogenation process operation which was issued by Bureau of Work Safety of Hainan Province.HDS achieves the goal of first-line employees with certificates.

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