HDS Energy Saving Work Is Recognized

According to Energy Saving Law of PRC, a four-people team from Hainan Energy Saving Supervision Corps led by section chief Mr. Hu Jiangyi conducted a special examination on HDS electric motor efficiency improvement. HDS Deputy General Mr. Zhu Haiyi, Technology Manager Mr. Xia Bing and Deputy Technology Manager Mr. Chen Bitao attended the examination.

HDS reported the self-audit and self-correction of company profile, electrical motor standing book, electricity distribution transformer standing book and registration of phase-out of backward equipment. Mr. Hu highly recognized the energy-saving and emission-reduction work of HDS in the Twelfth Five-Year, and emphasized that this examination was aimed to monitor the enterprises’ backward electrical motor phase-out, develop their potentials and promote energy-saving work.

In the end, accompanied by HDS production team, Mr. Hu led the supervision team to check the model, production date and situation of electrical motors in site and review HDS self-audit and self-correction report. Mr. Hu judged that there is no backward electrical motor equipment in HDS, praised HDS for making robust and electrical motor equipment standing book and taking energy-saving work seriously. He also requested HDS to continue to be role model in energy saving work and closely cooperate with Hainan Energy Saving Supervision Corps in the Thirteenth Five-Year.

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