Wu Hanling, chairman of the Board of Handi Group, attended the 8th Council of China Internal Combustion Engine Society

China Internal Combustion Engine Association is a member of the International Internal Combustion Engine Association, which aims to carry out academic exchange activities to improve the level of China's internal combustion engine technology. On July 9, 2017, Wu Hanling, Chairman of the Board of Handi Group, was invited to attend the 8th Council of China Internal Combustion Engine Society.


At the meeting, industry experts like Cao Xianghong,academician of the Sinopec Group, and Yang Junjie, Deputy Chief Engineer of PetroChina Lubricant Company made keynote speeches in regard of China's oil refining industry opportunities, establishment of China's engine lubricants standard system, the new energy automotive industry policy and the impact of oil quality to the engine emissions and so on.


As a member of "Engine Lubricants China Standard Development and Innovation Alliance", Handi Lubricants, together with the other members, has led the formulation, development and innovation of China's own engine lubricants standards to explore and build China’s own engine Standard System of lubricating oil since the beginning of the alliance. China Internal Combustion Engine Society hereby hired Wu Hanling, Chairman of the Board of Handi Group as the vice chairman of the 8th Council's Fuel and Lubrication Branch.



As a representative of the domestic high-end lubricants brand, Handi lubricants rely on the Group's strong upstream resources and technical strength and begin to lay out the global oil market. Handi Group will rely on independent innovation and fine quality products to promote the development China's engine and lubricants industry.

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