HDS Takes Multiple Measures to Ensure Normal Operation in Special Period

Due to mechanical failure, Compressor K102A was sent out for maintenance this July. So the facilities had to operate without spare compressor. If any power cut or voltage fluctuation or any compressor failure occurred during this period, there was very high possibility of emergent shutdown.

In order to mitigate the risk and ensure safe operation with single compressor, the Manufacturing & Technology Department made a series of scenarios and arranged drillings for each scenario. All positions are required to fully understand the emergency rescue procedures and to practice inter department cooperation.

Besides drilling, leader of each shift also arranged special protection for compressor. All the operations were recorded and reported when problem was found. Thanks to joint efforts of all teams, no problem was found and everything was good during this special period with single compressor.

Compressor K102A was sent back to refinery on 7 Aug and reinstalled immediately. Now, the facilities are in perfect condition with one in use and on in spare. 

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