HDS Selected for 2017 Hainan Top 100 Enterprises

Hainan Enterprise Confederation/ Hainan Enterprise Directors Association launched 2017 Hainan Top 100 Enterprises in Sanya on 13 Oct 2017. HDS is in the list and ranks 34.

This is the twelfth consecutive year for Hainan to launch the top 100 Enterprises and it has been the most influential annul party for enterprises in Hainan. The theme of this year’s party is “Joint Development of Enterprises for a Better Hainan”. As the representative of private enterprises, HDS takes this opportunity to further stimulate company competence, to innovate business model and to actively learn from other enterprises to build HDS into top class enterprise.


Since its establishment in 2006, HDS has developed into the largest private company in China’s specialty oils industry with most advanced technology, and the products of which are highly recognized by all walks of life.

Under the guidance of globalized strategy of HANDI Group, a new affiliate company Hainan Handi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established. The new 1.5 million MT/year specialty oils and 150,000 MT/year pharmaceutical and food grade white oils project are under construction and will start mass production from the end of 2018. The estimated annual output value will exceed RMB 10 billion, and the annual tax contribution will be over RMB 1 billion. The new refinery will be the world largest single supplier of specialty oils with most advanced technology and robust product lines.

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