HDS 2017 Shut-Down and Maintenance Kicks Off

HDS 2017 Shut-Down and Maintenance kick-Off Meeting was convened in Manufacturing & Technology (M&T) Building in the morning of 26 Oct. The meeting was chaired by Deputy General Manager Zhu. Haiyi and participated by representatives from HSE, HR, Admin, C&P, M&T, Logistics, QiLuBeiYue, Henan Special Anti-Corrosion, Shanghai Lanya Inspection and Langge Fire-fighting.

Firstly, M&T Deputy Manager Chen Bitao illustrated the structure and roles and responsibilities of maintenance team. HSE Manager Li Youtian emphasized that all the units involved in maintenance work should be recorded in HSE and all staff of maintenance companies should be trained on safety in-site. The HSE target of 2017 Maintenance is zero incident, zero pollution and zero damage. A highly individually safety management approach would be implemented to ensure the ZERO target.

Following that, M&T Manager Xia Bing reiterated the key critical point of this maintenance and confirmed the arrangement of M&T staff after shut-down. Mr. Tang from QiLuBeiYu confirmed the personnel and equipment readiness on behalf of maintenance companies.

Finally, Deputy Manager Zhu Haiyi summarized that this maintenance covers a lot of work and long time, and that HSE should pay extra attention to safety training and all staff engaged should be trained. He also double checked the readiness of maintenance materials and equipment, maintenance regular meeting mechanism, maintenance items and time table, in-site security people readiness, propaganda and logistics support, etc.

The key item of this maintenance is the discharging and loading of catalysts. It is very difficult operation in very limited time. This kick-off meeting is convened to motivate everyone, to ensure the implementation of 5 mechanisms, to guarantee security through whole maintenance and to deliver a satisfactory job and lay good foundation for future operation. 

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