HDS Party Branch Convenes the Celebration of 97th Anniversary of CPC Founding & 1st July Commendation Meeting

In order to celebrate the 97th Anniversary of CPC Founding, recognize the advanced individuals and collectives, and to create a good environment for competition and cooperation, HDS Party Branch convened the Celebration of 97th Anniversary of CPC Founding & 1st July Commendation Meeting. Totally twenty five representatives from HDS Party Branch, HDS Youth League Branch and active applicants for party membership attended the meeting.


Probationary party members took the oath and became full party members. Commendation documents were red and Excellent Party Member Certificate and Prize were awarded to two winners by Mr. Hou Lishan, Deputy Secretary of HDS Party Branch and Mr. Zhu Haiyi, member of Discipline Committee.

Mr. Zhu Haiyi talked about the development plan of HDS Party Branch, which is featured by technology innovation. In the future, HDS Party Branch would focus on scientific research and would visit other excellent party branches in Hainan Province to learn from them to better develop ourselves.

Mr. Hou Lishan said, “HDS Party Branch was awarded as Advanced Basic Level Party Branch for a second time in 2018 by Hainan New Economic and New Social Organizations Work Committee. Ms. Chen Yanping was awarded as Hainan Advanced Party Member. These are both acknowledgement and impetus to us. All party members shall arm ourselves by knowledge and technology and make due contributions to the development of a technological innovative party branch. In the future, HDS Party Branch will on the one hand continue the momentum of technology innovation and on the other hand, pay attention to party building, quality and safety work. All party members shall spare more time in learning to improve awareness, change idea, and to be the role model in innovation and contribute to the development of HDS Party Branch.”

This Commendation Meeting further stimulates the enthusiasm of party members, encourages them to be more aggressive, pragmatic and cooperative in work. All party members will devote themselves into making a better HDS with more enthusiasm, responsibility and urgency.

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