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The Office of Party and Masses' Affairs Organizes News-Writing Training

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In order to improve the writing capability of company correspondents and to motivate more staff to contribute into company publicity, the Office of Party and Masses' Affairs organized a news-writing training in the morning of 15 Aug. More than 20 correspondents and writing fans participated the training.

Director Li Jiahai of the Office of Party and Masses' Affairs illustrated the aim of this training and the company rules and regulations of publicity. He emphasized the importance of publicity to company and encouraged everyone to find valued information and make then known so as to create good opinions for company development.

Mr. Cai Lin shared the basic new-writing knowledge and experience from four aspects: the position of correspondent, basic new knowledge, what kind of news release is useful to company and how to write a good news release. He presented many examples of manuscripts from staff and illustrated dos and don’ts and tips in form of Q&As. Trainings were very interested in the presentation and actively interacted with the trainer.

Correspondents learnt a lot form the training. They have a clearer understanding of the value of news, i.e. the communication of company culture. With sensitivity to news being enhanced, they will find more worth writing. They also learn how to deal with the materials found and how to check and deliver fine work.

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