Win the war 2020 HDG held the annual work summary and commendation conference in 2019


On January 10, the 2019 annual work summary and commendation conference of HDG was held in Yangpu Hotel, Hainan Province. Wu Hanling, chairman of the board of directors of HDG, Cao Tong, general manager of HDS, Hou Lishan, general manager of HDF, Hu Fangling, deputy general manager, Zhu Haiyi and Li Hengqiang attended the meeting, with more than 300 employees of each company joining .


General manager Cao made a report on his work in 2019. He comprehensively reviewed the work of HDG in 2019, summed up the shortcomings in the work of the past year, and extended greetings and sincere thanks to every hard-working colleague of the group in the new year.

The company's production, operation and project construction bear great pressure in 2019, influenced by the continuous downturn of macro-economy. But with the joint efforts , we have basically completed the tasks. In the course of work in 2019, a group of advanced collectives and individuals who dare to innovate, dare to contribute and have outstanding achievements have emerged. It is they who have played a key role and taken the lead in the team that make HD today. In order to encourage the advanced and the backward, the conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals and presented awards on site.


At the meeting, the representatives of the advanced collectives and individuals respectively shared their experiences, expressed their gratitude to the company, leaders and colleagues, and showed that they would continue to work together with other colleagues to make new contributions to achieve the new goals of HDG.

Later, Chairman Wu signed the safety responsibility letter with Cao Tong and Hou Lishan respectively, Cao and Hou signed the safety responsibility letter with the leaders in charge respectively. Through the decomposition and implementation of safety responsibilities, we will ensure the smooth and orderly production in 2020.


At the meeting, Chairman Wu delivered an important speech. In view of the current situation and the problems existing in the work in 2019, he made a comprehensive deployment of the work in 2020. First, we will continue to attach importance to work safety and environmental protection, and strive to explore a set of work safety and environmental protection ideas suitable for HDG, so as to ensure that HSE work will be more colorful in 2020. Second, we should put an end to the bad atmosphere and create a team atmosphere with fresh air, so that those who want to do something have the opportunity, the stage and the position to do well. Third, we should focus on the construction and production preparation of two projects, namely, HDF project and Nantong materials project. Fourth, actively connect with the capital market and promote the realization of the strategy of "listing in four steps". Fifthly, we should adjust the organizational structure reasonably, optimize the departments and personnel, establish the talent echelon, and make the best of people's talents and positions. Sixthly, strengthen audit and supervision, and control all kinds of legal risks. Finally, he hoped that all employees would firmly believe in success, stimulate practical strength, meet the historic opportunity of Hainan Free Trade Port construction, and strive unremittingly for the company to become a global leader in fluid materials industry!


Contributed by: Cai Lin, personnel administration department 

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